Brock Floor Lamp by Quoizel


O, boy! The Quoizel Brock Floor Lamp is a well-rounded transitional design with pizzazz that runs circles around lesser lights. Featuring a flawless circle atop a super slim Polished Chrome stem, Brock is topped with a classic creamy Beige shade for a modern statement with quite a ring to it. For more than 80 years, Quoizel (based in Charleston, SC) has dedicated itself to bringing timeless lighting designs into modern homes. By consciously avoiding design fads, consistently balancing form and function and using only the highest quality materials, Quoizel lighting designs do indeed stand the test of time.
Brock Floor Lamp by Quoizel

Brock Floor Lamp by Quoizel


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Merchant: Lumen Light + Living

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