Dreamweaver Bath Bar by Varaluz


While you don't have to be into collecting baskets to appreciate the Varaluz Dreamweaver Bath Bar, it couldn't hurt. It features bands of recycled steel woven into rectangular holders, with the depth of the weave accentuated by a Blackened Copper finish. The recycled plate glass shades have a frosted woven pattern to match that of the holders. 70% recycled steel, 100% recycled glass, 0% recycled style. Varaluz Lighting develops handmade fixtures created from recycled or reclaimed materials styled in a broad range of lighting genres from period to transitional and contemporary. Varaluz light fixtures that are like jewelry for the home, crafted to be relevant for generations.
Dreamweaver Bath Bar by Varaluz

Dreamweaver Bath Bar by Varaluz


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Merchant: Lumen Light + Living

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