Droppia LED Teardrop by Artkalia


The Artkalia Droppia LED Teardrop is the futuristic way to light up any space, indoors and out. In addition to the overall sharp, sculptural effect, the White Opaque polyethylene teardrop gives a lovely gradated effect to any of the chosen lighting colors (brightest in the middle). Available in two sizes. Artkalia was founded in 2008 to combine energy efficient LED technology with attractive modern design. In order to make such design and efficiency accessible to as many people as possible, they have made their portable LED lighting affordable, fun and easy to use. Artkalia lighting designs enhance moods and indoor and outdoor spaces with their friendly, contemporary forms as well as their signature light color-changing technology.
Droppia LED Teardrop by Artkalia

Droppia LED Teardrop by Artkalia


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