Tiffen 62mm aXent Long Exposure Filter


The Tiffen aXent Filter is designed for full-frame DSLR cameras when used primarily in B&W mode. It can also be used on FUJIs X-Trans APS-C cameras (with interchangeable lenses) to obtain a highly stylized IR color effect when combined with lenses approved for IR photography. Designed to take extreme long exposure photographs in a manual set up the aXent filter will allow you to blur any movement in your image. The intensity of this effect is achieved by manually setting up your camera and is a combination of aperture shutter and ISO settings. When your DSLR is set in color mode the filter will allow through some IR light waves. The effect of IR absorption onto your sensor will depend on the lighting conditions and will gently to radically affect your image color.
Tiffen 62mm aXent Long Exposure Filter

Tiffen 62mm aXent Long Exposure Filter


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