Stohlquist Brik Kayak Lifejacket-Black-XL


Stohlquist Brik Kayak Lifejacket - More thrust with less bulk, the radically innovative Brik kayak PFD stands at the top in the minds of today's serious pro-paddlers. This kayaking PFD offers the latest technology by incorporating the Cinch diagonal cinching system and internal Gripp-Loc panels to eliminate vest ride-up. Ultra-low footprint foam elements are hand shaped to wrap the body at four inches maximum depth for a streamlined profile. Seven personalized adjustments park the Brik life jacket in place just below the chest line, offering a very low profile jacket that maximizes mobility. For improved safety and durability, new rubberized ballistic fabric is incorporated as anchor plate for extra reinforcement to the shoulder straps. Redefining low profile, the Brik vest stands alone when it comes to total mobility.
Stohlquist Brik Kayak Lifejacket-Black-XL

Stohlquist Brik Kayak Lifejacket-Black-XL


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