C-Tug Kayak Cart w/ Solid Tires


C-Tug Kayak Cart with Solid Tires - The Kayak Cart with Solid Tires by C-Tug is the same stout, sturdy, simple boat cart as the original C-Tug, but with puncture-proof Kiwi solid wheels. The C-Tug Cart supports up to 300 lbs. and collapses quickly to stow in a midsize kayak hold. Puncture-proof wheels mean no flat tires. Solid rubber tread wraps the heavy-duty plastic rims for a smooth, easy roll and the 3.5-inch-wide tire gives good support for the cart in sand. Thermo-bonded elastomeric seat pads stick tightly to boat hulls and the included strap allows you to lash your kayak to the cart with no slip-age. With only seven simple components to break apart and snap together with ease, the C-Tug with solid Kiwi tires has no moving parts to corrode, rust, or gum up from sand. The stainless steel reinforced axles will take the weight and resist the corrosive marine environment. When you
C-Tug Kayak Cart w/ Solid Tires

C-Tug Kayak Cart w/ Solid Tires


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