AutoLoader XV Kayak Roof Rack


Malone Autoloader XV Kayak Roof Rack Attachment - The Malone Autoloader XV is the result of years of extreme testing and technical development. Developed on the coast of Maine to withstand brutal cross winds and crippling salt-water corrosion, Autoloaders secure all type and sizes of kayaks. The built-in boarding ramps make for easy loading and unloading of your boat. Corrosion-resistant composite construction means years of reliable performance, while universal JAWZ mounting hardware fits round, square and most factory oval cross rails. As you strap down your kayak, the Autoloader gently flex into the kayak's profile, achieving outstanding grip & hold performance. Synthetic rubber padding further protects your kayak. Don't waste time getting to and from the water, use the Malone Autoloader XV roof rack attachment to make your life easier.
AutoLoader XV Kayak Roof Rack

AutoLoader XV Kayak Roof Rack


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