Spiro Elbow Splint: Tourna Sports Medicine


Allows players with persistent pain to resume play with virtually no pain and greatly reduces the chances of re-injury. Even players who have not experienced tennis elbow, as well as beginning players, may wear the splint as a preventive device. The splint utilizes individually tightened loop lock Velcro closures at the wrist and forearm to secure and support the forearm muscles. The alloy bar secured to the wrist and forearm closures prevents them from slipping during play and reduces the vibration from the off-center hits. This simple and comfortable device has been tested for years with nearly all wearers reporting immediate relief from pain. Continued wearing has greatly limited the chances for re-injury.
Spiro Elbow Splint: Tourna Sports Medicine

Spiro Elbow Splint: Tourna Sports Medicine


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