Konftel 55Wx Bluetooth Conference Phone - All


Konftel 55Wx Brand New Includes Two Year Warranty The Konftel 55Wx is an easy-to-use, compact conference phone with impressive, crystal-clear sound audio technology OmniSound HD. It has been specially designed to be the hub of your communications and connects computers, mobile phones/tablets and desktop phones for your meetings to be conducted with superior sound quality. The Konftel 55Wx lets you record calls or dictations and you can move the memory card to your computer to save or share the audio files. It is highly portable and looks just as good on the desktop and in the home office as in the conference room. Konftel 55Wx Features Wireless Bluetooth Conference Phone Supports Recording On SD SDHC Memory Card OmniSound HD Technology Connect to PC for Skype Use in a room with up to 12 people Up to 20 with expansion microphones Omnidirectional Microphone 360 Multiple language display Connects Computers, Mobile Phones/Tablets Desktop Phones Up To 3m Audio Coverage NFC For Easy Pairing HD Audio For Streaming Music, A2DP Powered by included AC Adapter or USB cable Expands w/ Optional Microphones Includes Rechargeable Battery Colour LCD Touch Screen HD Audio Support For Bluetooth Touchscreen Plus On/Off Microphone/Speaker Switch-Off Buttons Frequency Range 100–24000 Hz Volume 90 dB SPL 0.5m Record Calls Highly Portable Multi Lingual Menu Support Danish, English, Finnish, French, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, German, Russian
Konftel 55Wx Bluetooth Conference Phone - All

Konftel 55Wx Bluetooth Conference Phone - All


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