Sensaphone Fgd-0400 Desktop Monitoring System - All


Desktop Remote Monitor Sensaphone 400 W/4 Outputs, Power and Sound Easily programmed remote monitor with an analog land line telephone to monitor remote facilities such as homes, computer rooms, warehouses, remote buildings and more. Or add the FGD-0230 Bluetooth interface and use with a cell phone. The Sensaphone Model 400 , the FGD-0400 desktop monitoring system , includes an alarm notification system. Avoid disasters caused by power outages , furnace or air conditioning failures and more. The Sensaphone Model 400 is a new replacement for the 1104 and a direct replacement for the Sensaphone CottageSitter. Note This unit is to be placed in any clean indoor environment. This is a desk top monitoring system, not a unit to be placed inside a refrigerator or freezer. The temperature sensor can be inserted inside a cooler. Included power failure alert, sound level and one temperature sensor. FGD0400 Sensaphone Quick Overview Monitor 4 conditions, plus power failure and sound level. Notify 4 people with custom voice phone calls. Control a thermostat or other device automatically, manually, even remotely. No monthly fee. 24 Hour battery backup using 6 size C alkaline batteries not included Add Bluetooth adapter and use with a cell phone.. For small businesses, property owners, and more, the all new Sensaphone 400 offers an easy, inexpensive way to monitor a remote facility. It can be installed in any clean indoor environment to monitor a variety of applications. The 400 has a built-in ability to monitor for power failures and to listen to the sound of a smoke detector. There are also four external inputs that can be connected to a variety of sensors to monitor temperature, water on the floor, humidity, and much more. One of the four external inputs already comes with a temperature sensor for monitoring temperature where the 400 is installed. When an alarm is detected, the Sensaphone 400 can notify up to four people by making voice phone calls. It will continue to ma This item ships from a separate warehouse and may require extra time for delivery.
Sensaphone Fgd-0400 Desktop Monitoring System - All

Sensaphone Fgd-0400 Desktop Monitoring System - All


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