How it works

When you visit DealNet site you can find products in many ways.  Here are two quick ways to find the product you are looking for:

By Search

  • Use our blazing fast Deals Search Engine to make a general search for your item.  The left side menu will show your search term in all our subcategories.  This allows you to find product ideas pertaining to your search term in multiple categories.
  • You can also make your search in a particular parent category.  The search results will show related products to your search term in this category only.
  • You can use the price bar to zero in on items that are within your budget.

Using Menus

  • You can use our left menus to find your items that way. You may also find that you want to browse all items in a certain sub-category.  You can do so by clicking on the sub-categories within the parent category's folded menu on the left. 
  • You can use the price bar to zero on items that are within your budget.

Completing your Purchase

Whether you use search or menus to you find your item, you would then click the “PURCHASE” button pertaining to that item. That will lead you to the website of the company that is offering the product. There, you will be able to read more about the item details, and if you decide that you want to purchase the item, you would do so at the vendor’s site.


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