What is DealNet®?

DealNet® brings you deals on consumer goods and services featured by third party companies. You can count on us to bring you excellent deals from well-known and less known yet reputable vendors.

How does it work?

You visit the site and browse your favorite categories. If you like a certain deal, you would click the text or image link pertaining to that deal. That will lead you to the website of the company that is offering the deal. There, you will be able to read more about the deal details, and if you decide that you want to purchase the deal, you would do so at the vendor’s site.

How do we choose the deals to include on DealNet®?

We work diligently to bring you great and unique deals from reputable vendors. However, presenting deals from these vendors on DealNet® is not an endorsement of products and service sold by the vendors.

What will it cost to ship my item?

Please check with the vendor who is selling the deal.

How do I cancel a purchase I made on a vendor’s site?

Please email or call the vendor determine their return policies and procedures.

How many deals does DealNet® offer?

We feature tens of thousands of deals, but we will eventually offer hundreds of thousands of deals as the site grows and acquires more traffic.

Are there any deals being sold by DealNet®?

Currently, all the deals we feature on our website are offered by third party vendors. These deals are subject to the terms and conditions of DealNet®.

Can I tell others about DealNet®?

Yes, of course! Please send your friends an email with our URL. Also, please use the social network’s share buttons on the bottom of every page.

I have a favorite company that I think you should feature on DealNet®. Can I send you their info?

Yes, please email us via the contact form, and we will try to get in touch with the company’s sales department to have them feature deals on our site.

How can I contact you about a problem with the website, such as broken links, or problems with images on certain page?

Please email us using the contact form on our website. Please be as detailed as possible.

What if I have a bad experience with a certain vendor?

You should directly work with the vendor to resolve the problem. Nevertheless, we would like to know about the problem, but our action might be limited to removing the deals from the vendor from our site pages.

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