Chef Smart Small Grill Ultimate Package - All


The first SMART charcoal grill in the world. Made entirely of stainless steel, with an insulated base and innovative cooking mechanisms give the advantage to the amateur griller to achieve professional results. Equip your home and organize a barbecue that you and your friends will always remember. The beginning of the next generation of outdoor grills. The Chef SMART grill has a built-in computer, the SMART System, responsible for calculating and performing all the necessary processes to automatically cook the food. It simplifies the whole cooking process. Only place the food on the appropriate cooking accessories and select the corresponding recipe. You don't need to know the cooking techniques to cook delicious food! Healthy Grilling Each type of food being cooked on the grill, requires a different style of cooking with specific cooking temperature, which is difficult to know and apply correctly. The SMART system constantly monitors and analyses, via the embedded temperature sensor, the heat emitted from the burning coals to the food being cooked and automatically controlling and adjusting the electrical mechanisms of the grill in real time. It changes the distance of the food from the coals and simultaneously determines the speed and type of rotation. These changes are dynamic and continuously modified. Electric Elevation Mechanism The innovative electric elevation mechanism gives you the control over the cooking temperature just by pressing the knob. It will adjust the height between the meat and the charcoals automatically. The height can be adjusted from 11-24 cm. When on Automatic Mode the mechanism changes the distance of the food from the heat source based on the selected recipe. To reduce the temperature at which the food is exposed, the mechanism moves away from the heat source and to increase temperature it moves closer to the heat source. Insulated Basin Fire bowl The technology used for the myGRILL Chef SMART base significantly reduces heat loss to only 10% comparing to other charcoal grills with no insulation. Cooking temperatures can be obtained with much less charcoal, thus saving charcoal per firing. Note Compatible Cart #CSSEFC is available Separately Not Included . Includes Small Chef Smart Grill. 5 pcs. Stainless Steel 4mm Skewers. 5 pcs. Stainless Steel 6mm Skewers. 1 pcs. Stainless Steel Roasting Rack. 1 pcs. Stainless Steel Rotating Rack Basket . 1 pcs. Stainless Steel Ash Shovel. 1 pcs. Stainless Steel Charcoal Tongs. 1 pcs. Stainless Steel Charcoal Chimney Starter. 1 pcs. Instant-Read Thermometer. 1 pcs. Long-lasting Cylindrical Firelighters. Features Manual and Automated Cooking. Max 4mm Skewer 12. Max 6mm Skewer 6. Max Stainless Steel Grates 3. Max Rotating Grates 4. Cooking System . SMART Cooking System. Rotisserie Mechanism with Chain. Electric Elevation Mechanism. Construction . Stainless Steel 304. Steel Fire Bowl Plates. Ceramic Fiber Insulation. Aluminum Cover Handle. Specifications Total Cooking Area 0.24 m. sq...
Chef Smart Small Grill Ultimate Package - All

Chef Smart Small Grill Ultimate Package - All


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