Cook King Viking 59.94cm Black Steel Garden Fire Bowl with Lid - All


Garden fire bowl is made is in steel bowl and four legs welded with oneself is a perfect solution for persons valuing the safety. We offer the described product in the better price on the market. The product has a hoop welded on to the bowl which is facilitating the transfer operation of the hearth. It is possible to use the portable garden hearth to a lot of ways. Apart from the possibility of making a fire in it on the terrace or in the garden in order to warm itself up during cold, evening meetings with acquaintances it is possible also to apply them in combination with the grill for focal lengths on the tripod be a pot. The functional shape of the bowl of the hearth is making the dispersal consumed of wood impossible. It is possible to place the product in the any place, in the garden or on the terrace and without the unnecessary mess to be pleased with a firelight. The metal sheet of the hearth is reliable and at the same time resistant to the heat. Large and solid covers are a splendid accessory to Cookking fire bowls. Cover is mainly used for keeping the area around fire bowl clean when you are not using it. It prevents burnt wood from being blown around from the fire bowl. You do not need water to extinguish a campfire as you can easily and quickly do it by putting the cover on the fire bowl. Cookking fire bowls and lids are made of crude steel and their actual color may slightly differ from the color visible in the photographs. It is natural for steel and does not negatively affect product durability. Our shop also offers practical campfire grills on tripod and goulash pots which perfectly fit our fire bowl. Includes Viking Black Steel Garden Fire Bowl with Lid. Features Type Fire Bowl and Lid. Lid Cover made of Black Steel. Cookking fire bowl made of Black Steel. Hand Made High Quality of Product, Made in Poland. Specifications Lid 60cm Dia. . Fire Bowl 60cm Dia. x 38cm H . Total Fire Bowl Width ca. 60m. Thickness of Cookking Fire Bowl 2.0mm.
Cook King Viking 59.94cm Black Steel Garden Fire Bowl with Lid - All

Cook King Viking 59.94cm Black Steel Garden Fire Bowl with Lid - All


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