Samsung 478 HG43ND478SF 43" LED-LCD Hospitality TV - HDTV - ATSC - 1920 x 1080 - 20 W RMS - USB


Enhance guest room ambience with advanced hospitality displaysChic and functional Samsung HD470 Series SMART Hospitality Displays elevate the guest experience with enjoyable and customized in-room viewing. With Samsung's enhanced content management solution, LYNK™ REACH 3.1, featuring an improved UI that is specifically designed for the hospitality industry using coaxial infrastructure, you can boost branding while increasing accessibility to key hotel information and menus. LYNK™ REACH also enables remote management of in-room TVs and provides a customizable user interface (UI) and various content to enhance guest convenience.Simplify display and content management on an existing infrastructure with LYNK REACH 3.1Enable easy content management using an existing coaxial-based infrastructure with LYNK REACH 3.1, especially for hoteliers who prioritize cost-efficiency. LYNK REACH is a content management solution that helps hospitality properties manage and deploy content on hotel guestroom TVs. The solution makes it easy to create a highly customizable content management interface that provides useful information about the local area and an extensive suite of entertainment offerings. And, with the newly upgraded 3.1 version of LYNK REACH, both guests and hoteliers will experience enhanced usability.Provide guests with an enhanced, user-friendly UI for greater convenienceDeliver a richer in-room guest experience with LYNK REACH 3.1, which features an enhanced UI design. Hotel managers can choose from a wide variety of UI templates when creating room-specific content so they can deliver a differentiated in-room experience. Using the Content Authoring tool supported by the enhanced UI, content development is simpler and easier.Treat guests with a customized, cost-efficient Home MenuDeliver a wide array of content to guests with an enhanced Home Menu that does not require the additional purchase of a solution or installation of a network infrastructure. New enhanced features enable hotels to welcome guests with a brief video introduction along with the hotel logo before offering live TV. This way, hotels can enhance their brand without the need of an additional solution. Guests can conveniently view resources such as the time, date and hotel information, and access frequently used TV features in user mode. The customizable Home Menu reduces the cost burden for hotels that lack the budget for an additional solution while simplifying Home Menu creation with a solution-embedded Hospitality TV.Protect content with advanced DRM technologyProvide a safe and cost-effective alternative to traditional hardware-based content protection systems using Samsung LYNK DRM technology. The solution allows encrypted live channel and VoD content to pass securely and display on hotel TVs. A software-only implementation, LYNK DRM technology reduces the need for additional equipment and provides quicker recovery for Conditional Access System (CAS) problems. To help ensure system reliability, coverage extends to the enlargement of head-end equipment for cable operators.Expand offerings while lowering costs with LodgeNet b-LAN technologyHD478 Series displays feature embedded communication technology, b-LAN™, which enables you to cost-effectively provide guests with a wider range of interactive content and features. More from the Manufacturer Note: This TV is a Commercial/Display/Hospitality version which has different functionality than a regular TV. HG43ND478SF
Samsung 478 HG43ND478SF 43" LED-LCD Hospitality TV - HDTV - ATSC - 1920 x 1080 - 20 W RMS - USB

Samsung 478 HG43ND478SF 43" LED-LCD Hospitality TV - HDTV - ATSC - 1920 x 1080 - 20 W RMS - USB


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